Behind the lens

Photographer and videographer, Bechir Zayene looks back at his career and his creative journey. He has some advices for budding photographers…

This is what you should take home:

Always keep working, keep experimenting.

Don’t stay in your comfort zone, keep getting inspired, keep learning to enrich yourself.

Streets style photography is capturing the moment. There is no staging, no portrait in static mode. I love waiting and capturing the present moment.

My biggest inspiration is the civil and human rights photographer Platon. He doesn’t just take the picture, he takes the time to talk with his subjects to capture their emotions, and the result is always incredible. 

When I switched careers, from graphic designer to full-time photography, I felt ready. I had a long-term plan.

Before taking this kind of monumental decision, you must calculate well your risks and rewards and not rush things.


Sustainability Defined

Caterina Occhio, the sustainability advisor for Alaia, Chloe, the UN, B Corporation and Fair Trade talks to us about what sustainability truly means and how to asks more for the companies we buy.


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